How to find the man of your dreams

Attracting men can be an easy affair, while at the same time a daunting task, depending on the individual woman in question. Let’s face it- there is no foolproof way to ensure that a man will fall in love with a woman head over heels kind of way. It’s nearly impossible to forecast the outcome of such a possibility given the circumstances such as media, which has watered down the general principles that govern the very existence of men and women in terms of dating and relationships.

Nearly all men have the same needs when it comes to the kind of woman they consider to be right for them. This implies that there are countless tricks for catching the eye of almost any man. The problem is that women don’t take their time to critically analyze and understand both the chemistry and biology behind men’s thoughts and actions

Most importantly it’s about the woman herself how she respects herself will determine in the end whether cupids arrow will shoot straight at the heart of that man she so desires or if the arrow will stray and miss the mark by inches. Below are helpful tip on how a woman will attract a man without failing.

Develop self- confidence-if you’re not happy with who you are, it’s highly unlikely that a man will be happy with who you are. Men are most attracted to women who love themselves. This law of attraction implies that, like-minded individual have a connection that exist without even them knowing. Here are a few tips that are helpful in improving one’s self confidence:

· Remind yourself of your best key characters that you love about yourself, embrace this and a change will take place both in the mind and heart making you a better version of yourself

· Before going on a date, prepare a list of topics so you wont get into embarrassing silence in the date. I found a great list for ideas and conversation topics on – in these two articles:
Great conversation topics for your boyfriend (Good for dates too) and simply a list of interesting topics. Another Good Resource can be found here

· Be confident when meeting new people and let the best of your nature show.

Developing your own set of standard value and identity will not only make you a principled individual but will also create room in which men will admire and respect you for who you are. Most men seem to be comfortable around women guided by a set of principles and moral. This important because:

· It allows a woman to own her own identity and ensures she isn’t assimilated upon meeting a man.

Men are driven by what they see rather than anything else, ensuring that you appear physically desirable; by always wearing the right kind of clothes and make up that enhance the best of your natural and God given attributes. It doesn’t mean that this necessarily require a wardrobe transformation, no it merely points:

· To finding those looks that will help you snag a man.

Respecting a man’s space and time is very essential and key into attracting him. When a man has all the time to do all that his natural instincts urge of him, he gets satisfied psychologically and realizes that he now wants attention of the opposite sex. Giving him this space automatically will drive him into seeking your company. Consider applying this reverse psychology to work to your advantage as it in line with a saying that states:

· Absence makes the heart grow fond.

Be honest about who you are-men love women for who they are, rather than whom they aren’t. Lying about yourself to appear more desirable might tilt the odds against you in attracting a man. Be open and candid about everything. This is important as it sets a good foundation to start a friendship that might leads to something deep, meaningful and more satisfying.

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